APRIL 2020

ALLTOX funded research is published “The allergen Mus m 1.0102: Cysteine residues and molecular allergology” and “Thermal stability, ligand binding and allergenicity data of Mus m 1.0102 allergen and its cysteine mutants”. The mutant C138A of major mouse...


ALLTOX funded research is published: “Multiple Epitope Presentation and Surface Density Control Enabled by Chemoselective Immobilization Lead to Enhanced Performance in IgE-binding Fingerprinting on Peptide Microarrays”. Tandem peptide technology provides an...


ALLTOX funded research is published: “Identification by Serological Proteome Analysis of Paramyosin as Prominent Allergen in Dust Mite Allergy”. The relevance of Der p 11 in house dust might diagnosis is brought to the spotlight J Proteomics 2017 Aug 23;166:19-26....

APRIL 2016

ALLTOX SRL is funded by the EC Instrument: SMEInst-05-2016-2017: “Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector” (Cell Technologies in Medical Applications) The grant will be used for the development of the MYA platform (Map Your Allergies): An...

MARCH 2016

ALLTOX funded research is published:  “Serum diamine oxidase activity in patients with histamine intolerance “. The clinical application of the serum diamine oxidase measurement in patients with histamine intolerance is extensively characterized Int J Pharmacol...


ALLTOX funded research is published:  “Timothy-grass manganese superoxide dismutase identified BY proteomic: a new candidate grass allergen”,  where a new grass allergen is described Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2014 Mar;112(3):261

MAY 2012

ALLTOX presents Discover Your Allergies at Fondazione Filarete Filarete Healthy Startups. Viale Ortles 22/4 – 20139 Milano

APRIL 2012


MAY 2011

ALLTOX joins ITALIACAMP MILANO 2011 with the DYA project: Discover your allergies

APRIL 2010

LAUNCH OF THE DYA PROJECT AT BIOINITALY ALLTOX launches Discover Your Allergies (DYA),  a diagnostic tool allowing customers to exaustively define form a drop of blood all major allergies. An allergen micro-array based technology is used, which was developed in collaboration with...