APRIL 2016

ALLTOX SRL is funded by the EC Instrument: SMEInst-05-2016-2017: “Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector” (Cell Technologies in Medical Applications) The grant will be used for the development of the MYA platform (Map Your Allergies): An...

MARCH 2016

ALLTOX funded research is published:  “Serum diamine oxidase activity in patients with histamine intolerance “. The clinical application of the serum diamine oxidase measurement in patients with histamine intolerance is extensively characterized Int J Pharmacol...


ALLTOX funded research is published:  “Timothy-grass manganese superoxide dismutase identified BY proteomic: a new candidate grass allergen”,  where a new grass allergen is described Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2014 Mar;112(3):261

MAY 2012

ALLTOX presents Discover Your Allergies at Fondazione Filarete Filarete Healthy Startups. Viale Ortles 22/4 – 20139 Milano

APRIL 2012


MAY 2011

ALLTOX joins ITALIACAMP MILANO 2011 with the DYA project: Discover your allergies

APRIL 2010

LAUNCH OF THE DYA PROJECT AT BIOINITALY ALLTOX launches Discover Your Allergies (DYA),  a diagnostic tool allowing customers to exaustively define form a drop of blood all major allergies. An allergen micro-array based technology is used, which was developed in collaboration with...

JUNE 2007

An ALLTOX funded reaseach  is published, comparing in vitro sensitization assays based on the THP-1 cell line versus assays based on primary human dendritic cells (see abstract)

JUNE 2007

INGENIO is a financial tool of Regione Lombardia, aimed to support research an innovation and technological transfer. A project based on improving in vitro sensitization assays, which had been submitted by ALLTOX, was funded by INGENIO (vedi abstract)

APRIL, 26 2007

The reduced LLNA version is approved by ECVAM (vedi abstract)