Samuele Burastero / short cv

I have been an investigator in the field of immunology for the past 25 years, which includes 3 years of post-doctoral research work in USA at the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD and the Hospital for Joint Diseases at New York University, NY. Currently, I hold joint appointments as Staff Scientist at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute and as adjunct Professor of Molecular Allergy and Clinical Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine at Vita-Salute University, Milan, Italy. I made scientific publications on international peer-reviewed Journals (see "Publications") in the field of immunology, primarily in the area of allergy, autoimmunity and AIDS immunotherapy. I am serving on numerous grant review committees, including the National AIDS program funded by the Italian ministry of health and education, the Nederland Asthma Foundation and the European Community. I am the Scientific Director of ALLTOX (, which is a commercial spin-off of the San Raffaele science park, for the in vitro evaluation, testing and prediction of allergenicity of chemicals and xenobiotics. I serve as a supervisor for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows specializing in several fields of allergy, immunology and immunotherapy. I am a member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Immunology and an active reviewer in Clinical and Experimental Allergy, Journal of Allergy and European Journal of immunology, among others. I am responsible for supervision of multicentric clinical trials evaluating safety and efficacy of immunotherapy in allergic individuals. I am also responsible for research projects on the role of dendritic cells in the immune response to allergens and on the role of T lymphocytes in lower respiratory tract of asthmatic individuals.

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